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"For IBM, says Bundeep Rangar, chief executive of IndusView, an advisory firm, the total cost of its employees in India used to be about 80% less than in America; now the gap is 30-40% and narrowing fast..."

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today kept its interest rates unchanged while cutting its growth forecast but increasing its inflation outlook as the nation’s economic conditions remain sluggish.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today kept interest rates unchanged, despite last-minute hopes for a reduction in the wake of policy changes announced by India’s government last Friday.

IndusView, Sunday September 16 (London): The Indian Prime Minister introduced the long awaited reforms allowing foreign direct investments (FDI) in multi-branded retail and aviation sectors on Friday.

New economic growth figures have been announced today in India showing the economy grew 5.5% in the quarter, driven by a rebound in construction and financial services, and slightly better than the 5.3% posted in the three-month period ending in March.

Global banks that ship increasingly sensitive and sophisticated work overseas to save costs will be forced to step up oversight of back office operations after industry scandals point to lapses involving offshore units in India.

What started a decade ago as call centres staffed by young Indians faking Western accents to sell credit cards and field routine queries has grown into a core function for banks, handling work from risk and fraud management to finance and accounting.

Frustrated by a lack of opportunities in India, Germany's Fraport, the world's No. 2 airport operator, is shutting its development office in the country, the latest in a growing list of companies exiting Asia's third-largest economy.

India may turn into a $2-trillion economy by the end of this financial year, provided the rupee remains below 50.79 against the dollar during this period.

The latest Indian annual budget for 2012-2013, revealed by India’s Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee last Friday, takes India a step backward toward its previous economic protectionist policies and could derail its discussions for free trade agreements with Canada and the European Union, its biggest trading partner.